VERTUSTECHT FLUID MASKER 3.2.5 FINAL Adalah software Mandiri atau juga Bisa Di jadikan Sebagai PLUGIN PHOTOSHOP, Di ambil dari sumber resminya, Software yang berguna Untuk memisahkan Object dengan BAckgroud dengan Rumpun yang sangat KEcil sekali PUn, Software ini bekerja secara cepat dan sempurna, dengan hasil dengan kualitas hebat. 

Minimum System Requirements: 
– RAM 512 MB ​​or higher. 
– CPU Pentium III 750 MHz or higher. 
– Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 
– Adobe Photoshop 7.0 or higher if you want to use Fluid Mask as a plug-in. 
Once installed, launch Fluid Mask. First, open the image you want to separate objects, the program will automatically search for and format of each region of the image. This process takes place faster or slower depending on the complexity of the image. 
The program interface is designed very similar to Photoshop. Toolbar to include the command button as follows: 
– Keep Exact, Local and Global Brushes: which part you want to keep by hand or by region. 
– Delete Exact, Local and Global Brushes: select the parts to be removed by hand or by region. 
– Blend Exact, Local and Global Brushes: This part can be separated automatically the complex contour of the object from the image that looks perfect. Can say this is the best feature of the program. 
– Erase Exact, Local and Global Brushes: remove the selected cut or keep. 
– Patch tools: self-create parts of the picture, this feature is quite complex, for advanced users only. 
– Force Edge: This feature can help you coordinate the colors so evenly so that viewers feel more real. 
To handle any photo, you must specify objects to split, then use the tools to apply arbitrary selection and editing. Next press the key combination Ctrl + U to see. For photos the hair intertwined and can not do in the normal way, you need to use advanced features Blend Exact Brushes. You select this tool from the left sidebar, then select the difficulty separating it (usually the junction between the object and the background), then press Ctrl + U to see. Experiment with pictures men curly hair in the picture, the results are very good, the material has been separated from the perfect background for about 3 minutes operation. 


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