Potable Office 2010

Potable Office 2010

Ada yang belum menginstall microsoft office 2010, nah.. mungkin ini alternatif untuk yang tidak ingin menginstall office 2010, namun anda dapat menggunkan portablenya sobat.

PORTABLE Microsoft Office 2010

1. Activation
The trial period is 30 days and can be renewed with the program “App \ ReARM.exe” (the application is invisible) or via the menu “App \ P_MO14 Menu.bat”.

2. Restoration of associations
It is possible to restore the Office 2010 file associations. The option is available in the menu “App \ P_MO14 Menu.bat”.
To delete associations, delete or rename the folder containing the portable suite and run any program that can correct registry errors.

3. “App \ P_MO14-M.exe” or “App \ P_MO14-AIO.exe”
These two “big” files are the “containers” files and contain the base of the portable suite. They can be executed in two different ways:
-1. A single execution opens “CMD” in the virtual environment.
-2. Running this file with an argument will have the effect of executing the argument in the virtual environment. A simple drag-and-drop works.

4. Restore the default configuration
Simply delete the “Data” folder. Any changes to the program will be lost.

5. A Microsoft Office 2010 product is already installed
Before you start any of the Microsoft Office 2010 PORTABLE programs, make sure that the OSPPSVC service is not running.
To stop the service, open the “Run …” window and enter “net stop osppsvc” and validate.
Note that the test period renewal script automatically closes the service in question.

Note: Portable Microsoft Office ini Work di Windows 7, namun testing di windows 8.1 atau windows 10 tidak work. Silahkan di coba dan berikan info nya di windows yang di gunakan.

Jalankan dengan cara klik kanan run as administrator

Size: 160 Mb | Word, Excel, PowerPoint

=> Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | via filecorn

=> Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | via Mega


=> Portable Microsoft Office 2010 | via Upera

=> Portable Microsoft Office 2010 | via filecorn

=> Portable Microsoft Office 2010 | via Mega

=> Versi Lengkap Portable Office 2010 | testing work di windows 7 ( klik kanan run as admin )

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