Metal Slug 1.5 Game For PC

Metal Slug 1.5 Game For PC

Metal Slug 1.5 Game For PC

This time  Metal Slug 1.5 action game for PC set in a compact and Blessed we have to offer you. Maybe your little soldier series was also known to the soldiers to remember. Members of the old Sony game console, the PlayStation has enjoyed one of the extraordinary popularity. There are many reasons for the success of a game and it has remained one of the most important of which is user friendly. Metal Slug friendly and incredibly addictive game. Unique gameplay game will entertain you for hours. Feature multiplayer (two-player game) playing Metal Slug is one of the positive things that are attractive as well.

Little Soldiers is a wonderful action game in which each phase has a surprise for you! You are at the last stage of its so-called giants of the struggle must be breathtaking. Fancy graphics, super addictive gameplay, various weapons with different features are factors that cause you to be riveted in front of a computer! Jasmine’s download to all users who have not experienced the game Metal Slug recommend that you get it. You can now play Metal Slug for PC Download Please download from the site despair.

metal Slug kuyhaa

Metal Slug kuyhaa

Metal Slug kuyhaa

The game features Metal Slug 1.5:
– Extremely addictive gameplay
– interesting and varied phases of the game
– fancy graphics and smooth game
– a highly attractive feature multiplayer
– weapons Spice

Cara memainkan nya

  • Install kemudian jalankan di C:\Games\Metal Slug 1.5
  • bahasanya sepanyol, tidak masalah

caranya menggunkan Huruf : Z, X sama C

Shoot … Z
Jump ….. X
Pumps ….. C

Dan untuk memperbesar ukuran layar, pilih ” OPCIONES” lalu tekan ( Z ). kemudian, silahkan ubah yang VENTANA. lalu untuk kembali, tekan ( X )

  • enjoy, silahkan mainkan game

Size: 40 Mb

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Metal Slug 1.5 Game For PC
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